What we do.!

Our Services

Researché® Institute is Africa’s hub for best practice in research.

We are:

  • Epidemiologist, Biostatisticians, Social Scientist and Project Managers
  • providing expert consultation, analysis, training and support services to efficiently and effectively manage your research and development projects including medical, health-related, business and social science researches
  • the premium hub of researchers across borders!


What we do:

At Researché®, our goal is to aid you by delievering cutting-edge solutions to your research needs and provide seamless support for your research quest based on international standards, global best practices, ethical codes and local relevance adopting innovative and customized solutions to your specific interest. Indeed, we are your reliable partners from concept to publication. Contact us right away!


Our Scope of our services: ranges from academic to professional to business to organizational research. Whatever your research quest is, our promise is to see you through it all!


We offer:

o training in research tools and methods

o consultancy in all research matters by board certified experts

o data management, analysis, Interpretation, reporting & publishing

o research softwares and tools (sales, installation, training)

o individual or group or corporate consultation & research field project management


Our service lines span:

-private/individual research advisory

-research concept development

-research design & protocol development

-field data collection management

-data entry & cleaning services

-data analysis & interpretation

-data management services

-references management

-article/paper/manuscript writing and publications

-Field project management

-Research softwares training, installation & sales i.e. Epi info, Epi data, SPSS, STATA, SAS, MS Excel, MS Access, NVivo, etc.

-Pre-dissertation defence/presentation advisory


Our Prices/Costing: Flexible and negotiable for all our services.  Please, see our researché services catalogue for more details.



Our Mission: To provide seamless, innovative solutions to our client’s research needs in customized packages within limits of global best practices, codes and standards.


The Vision: To be Africa’s most resourceful independent research hub, fully equipped with all known innovative research solutions for everyone.


Our motto: …local experts delievering global standard solutions!

..and our clients says we are: …the one-stop shop for innovative research solutions!


Please, contact us right away to get started!!!